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In our business, it is customary to seek recognition. At Duval Branding, we like to go a step further: following an official audit, including an examination of experience and integrity, the Flemish government recognised us as a reliable service provider.

What does this mean?

This certificate, issued by ‘Agentschap Ondernemen’, confirms that Duval Branding is a dependable partner with quality services. Thanks to this recognition, you can receive a compensation for some of our services.

What do we offer?

We provide advice that contributes to the results, growth or transformation of your business in Flanders. We do so in a professional, neutral, independent and ethical manner. The counselling you receive is always substantiated and tailored to your company. Based on this advice, you can make an informed decision and/or take action.

According to the SME portfolio, ‘advice’ is a collection of written, specific advice and recommendations, consisting of an analysis of the problem definition, clearly formulated advice, an implementation plan and guidance for implementation, which are exclusively or primarily aimed at improving the current or future functioning of the company.

What will be reimbursed? 

The SME portfolio was adjusted as of 1 December 2019. From then on, a small enterprise (up to 50 employees) can receive 30% support from the Flemish government, and a medium-sized enterprise (up to 250 employees) can receive 20%. The maximum level of annual aid is set at €7,500 – this applies to both small and large enterprises.

Some concrete examples of reimbursed services:

Research & analytics
Customer insights
Brand understanding
Brand strategy & positioning
Identity design & visual language
Touchpoints & brand implementation
Experience strategy & design
Internal engagement
Media & advertising

Any questions?

Feel free to share them with kmo@duvalbranding.com or browse the www.kmo-portefeuille.be website for further information. 

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