• Looza

    With a new identity, a new baseline – 'Live Juicy' – and a renewed communication spectrum, Looza aims to reclaim its iconic place in retail. read more

  • Stokers

    Stokers is a splendid place for coworking in Antwerp. For now. The aim is to become the reference for business networks in Belgium. An ambitious endeavour, but not at all surprising, seeing André Duval is the driving force behind this enterprise. We devised a distinctive identity, setting Stokers even more apart. read more

  • Parentia

    In Belgium, child allowance funds are facing a thorough reformation. So, when Partena Professional came looking for a name and an identity that could convey its new, worry-free approach to administrative services, inspiration and more, we knew we had to be at the top of our forms. read more

  • Antwerp Tower

    Such an iconic building deserved a special approach. So, we decided to stay away from the run-of-the-mill ads with all too similar renders of all too similar buildings, that fill the pages of today’s real estate advertising. Instead, we focused on the unique “trumps” of this landmark building: its location, sure, but – most of a read more

  • BENY

    Patrick Van Rosendaal washed ashore in New York and started his tour guide business with literally nothing. Together, we are building a brand. read more

  • Metalura

    Metalura, glass systems, balkonkamer. In our part of the world, the sun can be a fickle companion. The Metalura flexible glass panel systems, however, are trustworthy. They enclose terraces to keep out rain, wind and – some say – even pesky neighbours. Our premium rebranding is as meticulous as their made-to-measure designs. read more