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Scale2Save for WSBI

Micro savings, maximum impact.


positioning and branding

Scale2Save wants to establish the viability of small-scale savings in 6 African countries. The implementation of innovative models through local projects will introduce 1 million people to banking.

WSBI and The Mastercard Foundation are joining hands in a unique partnership.

WSBI represents the interests of nearly 6,000 banks across the globe and The Mastercard Foundation strives to advance learning and promote financial inclusion for people living in poverty.

A solid grid supporting organic growth.

The Scale2Save program’s mission demanded for an equally inspiring brand, appealing to partner banks in Africa to embrace new business models empowering and activating low-income, unbanked people.
Duval Branding was in charge for the strategic brand positioning, naming and design of the visual identity. All offline and online touchpoints were developed in-house as well.

To make the rather formal information easily digestible, we created a vivid brand universe based on a communication grid system, providing firm yet flexible building blocks. A great way to address both business and consumer audiences in the target markets.

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