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Antwerp Tower

There is only one
 Antwerp Tower

Real Estate

Such an iconic building deserved a special approach. So, we decided to stay away from the run-of-the-mill ads with all too similar renders of all too similar buildings, that fill the pages of today’s real estate advertising. Instead, we focused on the unique “trumps” of this landmark building: its location, sure, but – most of all – the unparalleled view from all apartments, and that while future proprietors would still live in the middle of the city, yet high above the everyday noisy hustle and bustle of the surrounding shopping streets.

Transforming a tower into an icon.

The first impression audiences should have when interacting with our content, is: Antwerp Tower is an exclusive place for people who want to lead their life their way. A place that (literally) offers a unique view on the sky and (figuratively) on an unseen range of opportunities. Here, people truly have the city and everything the city has to offer, at their feet.

A project to look up to.

We triggered people’s imagination with a stylized version of the Tower integrated in the logo. We extended this ‘vertical’ idea in all of our communication: ads, door-to-door, sales brochure, website. Focussing on the impressive height of living (only the cathedral tower in the city is higher) and on the exceptional view: see everything (up to the Brussels Atomium) without being seen. That’s what we call exclusive living.

A Tower. A People. A+++ communication.

Such an all-encompassing approach is, of course, not just about form but even more about content. So, we developed an extensive content calendar, dividing attention between the view, the neighbourhood, the spacious architecture, city life and mobility issues. Moreover, we initiated a series of interviews with A-People: a wide range of people that are directly or indirectly involved in this project: from architect Wiel Arets, to high-hearted shop and restaurant owners in the immediate vicinity, to the principal of the Antwerp Opera house and internationally renowned opera singer Elise Calwaerts, to Bertrand Lekeux – the inspirational entrepreneur that transformed the Antwerp Tower (before the start of the larger demolition works) into the largest creative hotspot of the country. While, in a few years, the Tower will – in itself – be the residential hotspot of a city that remains, without a doubt, an international attraction pole for decades to come.

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