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vel_you by Veldeman

Start a revolution from your bed


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Veldeman, a true Belgian family company, delivers more than a great night’s sleep. As an advocate of quality beds, they felt there was room for an eco-friendly array of products. Matrasses and accessories that don’t just work well, but also leave our children and grandchildren a flourishing planet. To launch their brand-new range and wake people’s interest, they needed a partner that would step things up a notch. Duval Branding’s early birds caught the worm!

Uncovering a new identity

No, the transformation from code name ‘Velda Resleep’ to fully fledged brand ‘vel_you’ did not happen overnight. First step? Naming. Sounding crisp, confident and caring, vel_you – along the distinct visual personality – resonates the innovative concept and clearly connects it to Veldeman. With the consumer as focal point and the value of the beds as key differentiation, we put the emotional benefits at the heart of the brand.

Dream tonight, envision tomorrow

At Veldeman, they don’t shut their eyes for today’s challenges. Through leading technology and research, they perfect the design and development of beds that last a lifetime, supporting people on every revitalizing snooze, siesta and slumber. They don’t just create items to lie on; but innovations that are built to rely on.

Let’s introduce the new concept with an eye-opening short film cushioned with unique selling propositions.

From headboard to tagline, designed to fit today’s needs

With the creation of vel_you, Veldeman is making a stand: proudly producing circular and renewable products in a market where most things get thrown away. In Belgium alone, more than a million matrasses get discarded each year. Owning a vel_you bed means you become a part of a community that cares about your sleeping experience and future – from pillow to nightstand. So, as the tagline puts it nicely: « dear planet, rest assured ».

vel_you by Veldeman branding: tagline and colours

A few shades of green

Colour was exceptionally important for vel_you. Where most competitors use red or blue hues, we opted for two bold greens that delightfully stand out. Even the products themselves got a layer of ‘forest’ or ‘code’ green. To appeal to the target audience, we paired the bright shades with a clean typeface and sleek designs. The refreshed identity is modern and future-driven, marking the company’s vision.

An experience beyond the one nightstand

The IMM fair in Cologne was a prime location for the official presentation of vel_you. At the Veldeman booth, the visitors received a sneak peek of this stand-out innovation. To support the launch, we designed a straightforward yet refined website. Later, we expanded the platform to fit the needs of every customer, offering just the right information without overwhelming them with excessive details.

Take a look at and start configurating your own vel_you bed!

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