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Do your customers really need that fancy app or website? Chances are they don’t. Hear us out. After all, your customer will just get lost anyway.

Quite some clients come to us with similar digital preconceptions. They think they need that specific app to solve a specific business issue. They want a website with ten different pages to get their word out. They know they are underperforming on mobile but don’t know why. Some want to implement AI, others crave an exciting Virtual Reality activation. These preconceptions should lead to one question: why?

Meaningful brand engagement

Imagine what you would do if you visit a website with ten different pages. Would you endlessly search to find the right piece of information? Probably not. We believe in meaningful brand engagement. In the search for meaning, we seek to understand the business & brand, its customers & the environment. Together, we set clear goals and define who our audience is & what their current brand engagement holds.

Once all building blocks are defined, we start shaping your future brand and customer engagement.

Finally, after careful validation and testing, your brand gets unleashed into the world. A clear go-to-market strategy, including brand implementation and a tailor-made media campaign, will be vital to truly engage with your customers.

What about digital brand engagement?

  1. The customer mindset
    Since nowadays digital is woven into everything you do as a brand, we fuse it in our branding workstream from the very beginning. Customer experience is at the core of who you are. That’s why one of the first questions we tackle in our workshops, is defining whom you actually want to reach. You need to fully understand your customers, their needs & motivation, because a digital solution is only as good as the problem it solves for your customers and how it blends into your brand. Using personae to step out of your own shoes, and straight into the customer’s brings in a customer-driven mindset. Combine these customer insights and your brand drivers and there you have it, a recipe for success.

“A digital solution is only as good as the problem it solves for your customers “

  1. Solving the problems
    After sketching your current brand engagement journey, we focus on how to fix some pain points within our (re)defined brand identity. An ideation workshop is a great place to start.
    Carefully scoping and selecting the best and brightest ideas to solve pain points through brand engagement.
    Once we have our list of priorities, we start thinking about how they can improve your brand engagement, in order to make it truly meaningful. Therefore, we create your future customer engagement journey, the basis of your revamped relationship between the brand and the customers. The choice of tools, communication, services, experience, media fully depends on the outcome of that exercise.

Long story short. Digital is no longer just having nicely designed digital assets, it’s putting your customer first, and making sure your brand brings the engagement that matters. Just having an app, website, virtual reality bonanza does not make you or your brand stand out anymore. Daring to support your customer in his or her personal growth will.

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