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A seamless connection between brand and voice.


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From a wandering identity to an illuminating craft woven into the fabric of the company. The expertise of the Belgian fashion brand Xandres has been transferred by word of mouth since their start in 1927, when they were still called ‘Andries & Co’. As a result, their story has evolved over many years and is linked to a few essential individuals. But how do you ensure that the brand’s essence and character are also correctly conveyed everywhere and by everyone? Well, by diving deep into the brand and by capturing their DNA in a brand book and guidelines. This strategic plunge also ensured a more future-proof and distinctive positioning compared to their competitors.

Xandres Belgium Branding Logo
Xandres Belgium Branding - store front
As in a perfect capsule collection, we leave out certain embellishments and go for a clean approach with just the word mark.

The perfect fit

You are never going to feel good in a garment that doesn’t sit right. That’s why we invested enough time in figuring out the strategic side of Xandres’ tone of voice. It was no picnic to make the story stand out from the competition as clearly and uniquely as possible. Yet, we can state with pride that their new voice proclaims their understated class and rich history as never before.

Always be in the moment

“Wherever you are or whatever occasion may present itself, you will feel entirely in sync. You are an elegant presence that perfectly suits every moment. Fuelling your personality and supporting your lifestyle with fits that unfold your timeless class.”

The new tagline with a nod to Belgian sophistication and the unique character of the target groups.

From strong women to strong guidelines

Throughout several decades, the brand has known a couple of influential individuals who acted as an embodiment of guidelines. In recent years, that person was Isabelle Santens. It was therefore only natural to talk to her and the team involved to encapsulate and write out their iconic signature in the best possible way. Thankfully, our interviews and workshops took us far into the Xandres pattern.

While most of the team members at Xandres eat, sleep and breathe the brand, a manual may come in handy from time to time. Not because they are in need of instructions, but to ensure that everything exudes the same quality. It’s like using sewing patterns to make sure your garment is put together in a correct manner.

The importance of a tone of voice

Inspiring, ambitious, creative and passionate. These four key values resonate throughout the company and define the visual and written character. When we outlined their voice, we emphasised and advised a playful wink and a prominent focus on their more than exceptional service. With an innovative outlook on fashion and communication, both heritage and a forward-looking character are portrayed.

We have pinpointed two types of women who each represent an important target group of Xandres.

Xandres Belgium Sustainability report
We also welcomed the sustainability report into our fitting room, making improvements to its appearance and appeal.
Xandres Belgium Sustainability report
Xandres Belgium collections branding
Specific collections will feature a custom layout.

A tailor-made strategy

During our partnership, we were able to pinpoint which brand elements needed a little update. Therefore, we deviated somewhat from the original request and added another layer of essential brand elements. This included a tagline, a visual update and a strategic and creative look at their size-inclusive approach. All of which were designed with the different target audiences in mind, because connection is key. Like the buttons on a blouse, we want our designs and communication to tighten bonds with the public.

Xandres celebrates nuance and understated class with applications you can even take home with you (after a shopping trip of course).

Xandres’ unique piece-by-piece focus

“We know that our made-to-measure approach goes beyond a broad size range; it is a philosophy that is anchored in our company. Our inclusive outlook on fashion guarantees that no one is ever limited by a lack of choice. That is why we provide a tailored and enjoyable shopping experience for everyone, regardless of their size”

Labelling a unique ability

The concept of strong women sits at the top of the drawer. So as a recognised and well-loved women’s fashion brand, we just couldn’t label what they do as ‘craftsmanship’. Therefore, we tweaked the term and created a more empowering word: craftswomanship.

“In a world of impersonal fast fashion, women are looking for a beacon of trust and reliability.”

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