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Buro Project

Creating the “you got this” office.


branding, communication

Buro Project has been amplifying professional facilities since 2002, realising environments where employees feel as comfortable as inspired. Based on an in-depth understanding of the customer, they devise surroundings that seamlessly blend into the atmosphere of a particular corporate ecosystem. Our goal was to realign their brand with their work.

Minimal changes, playful colours

Like a UNESCO world heritage site, we very gently retouched the logo with the minimal changes needed to live up to today’s standards. A more sophisticated dark grey highlights the company’s modern, experienced, knowledgeable character. In a second layer, their playful, welcoming nature is epitomised by the logo’s colour that adapts itself to the photography – like a chameleon.

Buro Project rebranding: visual brand identity

An interplay of lines

The tagline expresses Buro Project’s comprehensive approach: a sensory and emotional perspective – fed by colours and textures – that connects people and place as well as task and talent. They construct the interior that shapes the job.

Buro Project reranding: brochure

A website beyond Pinterest

Buro Project’s corporate identity is conceived as an interior where all elements can be applied in a dynamic manner to highlight the specific details and maintain a clear overview, using space to control a refreshing balance and maximise the Feng Shui. In regard to user experience, we chose an easy to navigate layout with clear headings and added an appealing flow.

A challenge of channels

We also developed a social media strategy to pull the different channels in a more structured and cohesive direction and to figure out the best way to bring forth the new website and upgraded branding. Our advice also included some tips, tricks and tools for a flawless follow-up.

Buro Project rebranding: ad

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