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Identity is not about looks


It’s true, we like to get our pores purged on a regular basis – it shows, right? But, let’s be clear on one thing: we ourselves are not in the cosmetics business. We dig deep to bring out the genuine beauty of a brand: identity is not about looks. At Parfuma, they too welcome clients with a personal approach, offering them tailor-made advice on exclusive fragrances and beauty products or treatments. Because if people feel fabulous, they look fabulous.

More than just a makeover

We have set up an extensive communication system, developed from a solid brand identity and clear tone of voice, allowing Parfuma to manage their promotional communication in a coherent fashion. This consistency in all applications positions Parfuma as a strong brand with a luxurious and exclusive offer.

The in store communication in the Antwerp and Wijnegem shops elegantly guides customers to their favourite fragrance and lets them discover top shelf novelty lotions. In the totally refurbished Beauty Center, visitors can now truly enjoy the luxury of feeling fabulous.

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