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Minerve for Revive

Illustrating a new perspective on real estate

Real Estate

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Space is limited in Belgium. Luckily, our imagination is not. Revive’s innovative urban development project Minerve breathes new life into a brownfield site just south of Antwerp, a very popular residential area. They offer a different perspective on future-proof building and living; we provide them with a remarkable branding.

Drawing attention

Most people like to show off, especially in the real estate business. But instead of focusing on glossy 3D rendered images we created lively illustrations that convey the unique dynamics and character of the Minerve neighbourhood. One drawing is about the park-like open spaces and sharing quality time outside. That soothing ‘home sweet home’ feeling is another important aspect of Minerve. The third illustration refers to the many recreational opportunities in the vicinity and the accessibility of the site. Obviously, we consistently implemented the shapes and graphical elements of the drawings in all communication. The vibrant colour palette adds to the appeal of this figurative approach.

Location as inspiration

Minerve is situated right in the middle of a bustling environment, providing lots of great places to shop, eat and relax. There is a wide choice of sport clubs, schools and hospitals too. So much to see and do; and we happily show people around with an inspiring prospectus, which is conceived as a bike tour along the most important points of interest – handy map included. We also talk about the history of the site, interview the renowned master planner and explain the thoughtful design of the vegetation and landscape.

Another site to see

To build momentum towards the opening sales weekend, we set up a landing page fuelled by a carefully targeted campaign with online banners, door-to-door flyers and activation on site. This was in an early stage of the design process, so visual material was limited. Still, we managed to generate an impressive number of leads for the launch event, exceeding the Revive sales team’s expectations.

Now, we have a content-driven website up and running to present the myriad of benefits of living at Minerve. We developed it from scratch after a thorough analysis of classic online real estate search platforms, a solid base for defining goals and creating wireframes. By adapting the illustrative design with illustrations and vectors, we limited the digital images’ size, making the website very mobile-friendly. Our ‘low weight, no wait’ approach obviously served us well for the regular website, too, welcoming all visitors with a fluid web experience.

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