In our studio, we make room for creative work and projects that are slightly different from our full-scope projects. As much as we enjoy to dig deep into your brand, we also love to work on derivative projects. Studio is a parallel operation that allows you to initiate a strategic process and – at the same time – stay up and running on a tactical level. Or you might as well swing by for a specific job that simply needs to be spot-on.

A campaign website? An animated sales pitch? A recruitment ad? You set your day-to-day priorities; we deliver on demand. We do so with the same tenacity of purpose and dedication to quality we display during our demanding branding jobs, while offering even more attractive terms and conditions (wink-wink).


Social media campaign, direct mailing, guerrilla marketing, advertisement, POS material…

Buro Project Social Media
Antwerp Tower
Deloitte Werchter Booth
Reynaers Digital Campaign


Information architecture, UX and UI design, front-end and back-end development, deployment…

Making it rain on Metalura’s website
vel_you by Veldeman
Montevideo Residence
Broes Ingredients

Motion design

Corporate movie, sales pitch, kickstart campaign, data visualisation, animated presentation…

The Wings by Ghelamco
Revealing Brachot’s new identity
Animating illustrations for BENY
Leadlife Movie


Bottle labels, outer packaging, bottle design, cans, outer carton…

Packaging for Pure
Keto-friendly with Okono
Looza’s 21 flavours
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