We start from your ‘why’ and identify opportunities that match. By asking you the right questions, your unique brand identity will rise to the surface. Then we can shape, grow and share your brand. Only through close cooperation can we create meaningful brand engagement across all communication disciplines.

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brand and business consulting

Rethink a brand

Before any branding is orbited, you need to check the different perspectives your business can encompass. Find clarity and focus while analysing the facts and figures, and engaging in conversation.

Featured cases

Building a solidified family


Start a revolution from your bed

vel_you by Veldeman

Partena. Harmonizing brand with reality.

Partena Professional

positioning and branding

Shape a brand

We help brands stand out through strategic creativity. After we have defined your ‘why’, we can create designs that work and drive results. That is what our team is about.

Featured cases

Adding even more flavour and fun


New identity, same familiar faces


A brand that creates maximum opportunities


media and branded content

Share a brand

Influencing minds, winning hearts. As an accredited media agency, we can create identities, social media content and go-to-market strategies that sway your customers, motivate employees, delight followers and attain business success.

Featured cases

There is only one
 Antwerp Tower

Antwerp Tower

Creating the “you got this” office.

Buro Project

Not just a pretty typeface

Challenge MC

brand experience

Grow a brand

Be a brand that connects with its audience on a whole new level. Find and unfold the solution to your target group’s concerns and build a deeper and lasting relationship through strategy and (digital) execution.

Featured cases

From historic to iconic

Montevideo Residence by DCA

Building blocks for a vibrant brand.


Driven by results. Powered by creativity.


internal brand engagement

Live a brand

We offer coaching programs for executives and brand ambassadors to fittingly introduce and guide a transformation. By doing so, we change attitudes towards the goals set and remedy any turbulence among employees.

Featured cases

Off to a flying start


All your professional accounts on 1 screen

Isabel Group

Exact for Manufacturing

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