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Anza Pro

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From sweaters to statement pieces

With a strong position and name recognition within the roller category, Anza Pro is the choice par excellence for professional painters. Through its advanced technology, intensive testing and ergonomic focus, the brand’s tools deliver elevated performance and optimal paint feel for any type of job. The main aim is enhanced efficiency. And according to professionals, Anza Pro’s efforts really do make a difference. What initially began as a simple request for staff jumpers, evolved into a brand update and communication campaign. Creating a look and message that stands out and makes a statement? Okay, Anza – you ask, we roll.

Put the pro on a pedestal

“Don’t change the logo.” Collaborating with both the marketing department of Belgium and the Swedish HQ, we quickly understood the brand’s actual needs. The ‘primer’ and ‘coating’ were dry, so we would focus on the ‘finishing’; developing a communication concept that moves Anza Pro away from the restrained painter’s communication. We added an extra layer by appointing the professional painter as a top athlete: with that headline, we emphasise the physical strain painters endure on the job. After all, every great performance is the result of thorough preparation, unwavering commitment and the right equipment. Real-life stats illustrate how physically challenging the job is and, obviously, Anza Pro is presented as the perfect partner for premium tools for any challenge.

We’ve got you covered

Yes, we didn’t change the logo. But we did create a new graphical element, establishing it as a versatile building block in the brand identity. We also advised making the powerful Anza Pro orange stand out more, as it’s not commonly used in the competitive market and therefore serves as an on-shelf eye-catcher. Another way to energise the campaign, was our new approach to portray both the hero products and the brand ambassadors.

Painting a picture

No impactful campaign without sparkling fresh imagery. Therefore, we invited a team of well-known professional painters with – not unimportant – a large following of fans on social media: the Pink Painter, Ruben Van der Kruis and Sam Zakeriesen. Blending pixels with pigments and clicks with colours, we shot images for print ads and videos for web banners. We also held interviews to obtain telling quotes, revealing why painting is such a demanding ‘top sport’ and what traits specifically make the ambassadors love the Anza Pro products so much. Ideal statements to add body to our campaign message.

Our partnership is on a roll!

Whether it’s in print media, on digital platforms or showcased in exhibitions and promotional materials – we’ve equipped Anza Pro with a comprehensive toolkit to consistently apply their refreshed visual identity. Our dedicated motion design department (also known as Thomas) produced additional animations and videos to elevate the brand even further. In the meantime, a second campaign is in the works, building on the foundations of our first collaboration, to launch the new brushes range. We’ll keep you posted.

“Working for a painting tools manufacturer feels like I’ve come full circle, because – many years ago – my love for design was ignited by MS Paint.”

Thomas Mahieu, Motion Designer
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