Steering Brands through Unpredictable Times

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Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic we have found ourselves in, to say the least, unpredictable times. However, now that vaccination campaigns are gradually speeding up across the globe, some light is appearing at the horizon. As the amount of vaccinated persons increases, so does the number of trend watchers and futurologists who are eager to make statements about the times that await us. Depending on who you’re listening to, predictions may differ widely, but on the whole we can see two general types of future prospects – one for the better and one for the worse. 

Roaring twenties versus post-war prudence 

By now, most people have heard of the ‘roaring twenties’ theory: once the pandemic is over, the world will be overflowing with confidence. Optimism will prevail as never before and we will all party like it’s 2022. In such a context, brands will thrive, as they will encounter few difficulties to win over target groups that look at the future with great expectations and positive hopes. 

However, it may as well be that large amounts of pessimism have installed themselves firmly in the global DNA. This ‘new seriousness’ might be comparable to the typical cautiousness of post-war generations and it will make it harder for brands to gain the confidence of all those distrustful audiences. Think only of Pfizer and AstraZeneca: although both are well-established pharmaceutical brands, they don’t manage to convince everyone of the reliability of their vaccines. It may well be that this kind of distrust will expand towards other products and brands as well.

Meaningful brands trigger optimism 

Regardless of how the future will turn out, brands will need to put continuous effort into gaining people’s trust. Of course, advancing data technologies will show them how to do that in the most effective manner. But building and managing a brand that truly responds to people’s hopes and dreams is still largely a human affair. Whether we will be living in the roaring twenties or more pessimistic times, people will keep on looking for meaning – maybe more than ever, after the times they’ve seen. And it’s up to people to make meaningful brands that answer these cravings. 

It will be therefore paramount for companies and organisations to develop unique brands that truly make a difference. Brands that trigger positivity in a sincere way, while showing the way to a better tomorrow. Brands that, well, will inject us all with a healthy dose of optimism. 

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