The Open Canvas of Outdoor Advertisements

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If you were to pause for a moment and think back to your last walk, drive, or commute, the odds are you crossed paths with outdoor advertisements. They could be grand billboards overseeing highways, playfully designed buses passing by, or the seemingly humble ads at your local bus stop. These are the unsung heroes of the advertising world, canvassing our everyday surroundings and imprinting brands in our minds, often without us realising. It’s the art of outdoor advertising, where the world becomes a gallery.

Digital screens of campaign in shopping street

Bringing Brands to the Forefront, One Billboard at a Time

Outdoor advertisements, often termed “out-of-home” (OOH) advertising, encapsulate any visual promotional material designed for public spaces. From mammoth billboards that seem to touch the skies, transit media that accompany us on our journeys, to digital signages that shift and dance with vibrant colours – they’re all integral pieces of the OOH puzzle.

But why, you ask, in an age dominated by digital media, do these traditional canvases still hold merit?

Firstly, OOH advertising ensures a grand reach. It’s ubiquitous. It stands tall and proud, day and night, reaching an audience that sometimes even digital campaigns might miss. The morning commuter, the weekend shopper, the long-drive enthusiast – it’s a medium that caters to all.

Secondly, it commands attention. In an age of fleeting attention spans and the ease of clicking away from a digital ad, the physicality of outdoor advertisements ensures they stand their ground. They don’t disappear with a scroll; they stay, linger, and make an impact. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly from our perspective at Duval Branding, is the emotion and storytelling potential. Outdoor advertisements allow brands to craft larger-than-life narratives. They’re bold, unmissable statements that, when done right, don’t just display a message but create an experience. Think of it as the brand painting its essence on the canvas of the city.

The Emotional Connection of Outdoors

Brands are not just logos or taglines. They’re living entities with personalities, values, and, yes, emotions. Outdoor advertisements, with their vast visibility, act as the loudspeakers for these brand emotions. They’re not just about reaching a vast audience but about resonating with them, creating moments of connection amidst the daily hustle.

Take, for instance, a bus advertisement. It isn’t merely a moving billboard but can be seen as a brand journeying with its audience, becoming a part of their daily narratives. Or a strategically placed billboard which, beyond promoting a product, can remind a tired commuter of a comforting product or service awaiting them.

In the Spotlight: Our Rendezvous with the Great Outdoors

It’s one thing to sing praises of outdoor advertising and another to breathe life into its potential. At Duval Branding, we’ve had the pleasure of weaving stories for brands in the vast realm of the outdoors. Let’s delve into a few instances where we painted the town with our brands, weaving outdoor advertising tales that lingered in minds and spaces.

A spot in cinemas for Renewi

Renewi — Spiraling Towards a Sustainably Conscious Tomorrow

A revitalizing visual journey orchestrated through 3D spirals, Renewi’s campaign wasn’t just an advertisement; it was an Earthly plea, urging for a sustainable tomorrow. The collateral, bursting with energy and narrative, spiraled across media channels, from outdoors to radio and cinema, sharing the warm yet stern voice of Mother Earth – a gentle nudge, urging communities to do better. The poignant outdoor visuals, coupled with the complementary sonic signature, solidified the brand’s resounding claim of Renewing Earth.

Deliveroo — The Flavorful Journey of a City

From the cozy indoors to the vibrant streets, Deliveroo doesn’t just bring food; it brings a palette of flavors straight to your doorstep. Our partnership painted the urban landscape with vivid billboards, embedding the “Your city is served” narrative into the heart of Belgian agglomerations. The billboards, echoing the delightful teal and vibrant ethos of Deliveroo, didn’t just advertise but announced the grand reunion of the city-dwellers with their beloved eateries in a post-lockdown era, making the brand a harbinger of joy and reunions.

Reynaers Aluminium —Crafting a Sustainable Tomorrow, Together

The symbiotic synergy of Reynaers Aluminium Belux and Duval Branding birthed a harmonious shift in brand personality, truly encapsulating their motto – Together for Better. The outdoor tales we scripted and displayed spoke of innovative and sustainable aluminium applications but, more importantly, they spotlighted a brand that’s not just a family business but a sustainable companion for the future. The outdoor campaigns mirrored our collaborative spirit, reflecting a united front that doesn’t just produce but innovates, ensuring that the brand doesn’t just reside but lives and breathes in its applications and communications.

Each brand journey, painted across cities, buses, billboards, and trucks, has been a unique narrative arc. At Duval Branding, we don’t just create outdoor advertisements; we script stories that traverse through the daily lives and landscapes of the audience, ensuring that each brand isn’t just seen but is remembered, resonated, and revered. With every outdoor ad, we’re not just reaching eyes but touching hearts, embedding brands into the everyday tales of the city and its people.

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