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Branding that brings value


This is genuinely a rebranding in the broadest sense of the word: turning t‑interim into Agilitas and t‑heater into Amplo (see case). While positioning the overarching Agilitas Group (and its members) as the passionate specialists they are and have been over the last 30 years, characterized by a true personal contact, an agile approach and a strong involvement in the local market. Committed to (interim) employees who really want to build their future in the companies that hire them.

C, C, C: see !

Competent, Close, Continuing: three words that perfectly sum up the new brand’s overall approach. A continued, durable match is only possible when seasoned experts, such as the Agilitas ones, know clients and candidates through and through. Indeed, you can only understand people and their needs, when you are truly close to them – in a literal as well as figurative sense. This mix of trusted experience and revitalised adaptability was translated into an inviting logo, a contemporary typeface and a colour palette that subtly mixes a more thoughtful primary colour with a supporting set of exciting, lively tints.

Valuing people that bring value.

A people business brand needs photography that portrays people, as they are, as they want to be seen, in an environment that is 100% theirs. Spontaneous people with a self-assured, happy appearance.

Brand architecture.

An important part of the rebranding was to create a clear brand architecture for (the different members within) the Agilitas Group. When appropriate, we designated a clear distance with some of the former sub brands. So we, for example, renamed the unfortunately labelled t-heater (with the forced t-wordplay to coincide with the other t-group members, resulting in a name that did not at all represent the organisation’s services) to Amplo (see case). But on the other hand, we assembled a number of services – Professional, Home Services, Care – under one overarching parent brand, underlining the diversity within unity of the one Agilitas offering, reinforcing the overall brand.

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