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Amplifying the voice of our youngsters


Debateville’s slogan ‘Your voice, your force’ is to be taken quite literally. The Brussels-based non-profit organisation, founded by Sophie Buysse, has been unleashing the self-confidence and talent of young people since 2019. With their debating and speaking skills programme, they empower words and work for a society where a teenagers’ future depends on their aspirations, not their socio-economic background. This commitment and determination is heart-warming and the reason why we were eager to jump on the bandwagon.

Debateville Branding Tagline
Debateville is a young and innovative debate and speech program for youngsters from 10 years upwards. After all, everyone has the power to be as convincing as Obama, as inspiring as Malala and as sharp as Stromae.

Let’s talk growth

As a strategic branding agency, we value the power of words. Therefore, Debateville’s initiative was the perfect match for a pro bono case. Starting from the strategy, including for example their proposition and tone of voice, we were able to set the direction needed for their organisation to flourish. The visual identity that followed was tailored to their energetic character and target group. Because getting those cool kids on board was and is our main goal.

“I feel that we can make a real difference with our social start-up, but in order to open doors we were in need of a solid identity and communication strategy, one that works as well in conversations as it does in our approach in the field.” – Sophie Buysse

Word for word

Although the mission and vision of the organisation were crystal clear, we know better than anyone that a conversation starts with a story. Our task? To not only portray the origins and strengths of Debateville through a powerful brand story, but to bring a clear understanding of the importance of language and, consequently, the essence on which this initiative is based.

Debateville branding

A visual approach as free as the minds of the pupils

A brand that backs its words with deeds must also radiate that. For this reason, we developed a visual identity that stands out in the streets, translates the brand’s ambitions towards their stakeholders and, above all, appeals to the imagination of the target group: young people.

Debateville branding applications

Also fluid in online conversations

With different target groups, each with their own needs and purposes, we first had to fine-tune the website on a UX design level. Drawn up to perfection and in close cooperation with the Debateville team, the website was designed to allow for accessible interaction between children, parents, companies, schools, investors, press, students… and the organisation.

Keep the discussions flowing

With these fundamental building blocks (name, tagline, brand story and visual identity) defined, we shifted focus to another complex challenge. As a social start-up with rich ambitions, Debateville has a lot to say, but getting the right message to the right target group is not self-evident. It requires a plan of action that is underpinned by a good dose of strategy.

In response to this challenge, we examined the various messages, defined them and linked them to the most suitable channels. After defining these pillars, we also designed them. This way, the website, social media messages, offline gadgets/tools and the corresponding templates to work independently and efficiently took shape very quickly.

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