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Atelier Veritas

Tribute to the haberdashery heritage


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Do it yourself? Do it properly.

First we designed the logo on screen, and then we had a stamp of it custom-made for an actual print, adding that genuine DIY-touch.

Whatever you make, make a connection

Sharing tips with your peers is just as important as shining yourself; that’s what Atelier Veritas is all about. We love to bring people together. Consequently, we have built a mobile studio – as an extension of the shop-in-shop and concept stores – to inspire visitors at events that match the Atelier philosophy.

Almost finished my second scarf, #soproud

Kelly, dedicated account

As curious as creative

A free 3-monthly newspaper shares great ideas for new DIY-projects, including detailed work descriptions, and puts a spotlight on members of the Atelier Veritas maker community. It’s limited to 24 pages, but the inspiration is limitless. Therefore, we offer even more content on the website, showing the endless possibilities through – amongst others – a vast series of YouTube videos.

Even better than a box of chocolates

The Atelier Box contains all you need for a particular design and is delivered right to your door. Since its launch, online sales have grown significantly.

Making manuals even handier

DIY doesn’t necessarily mean you are on your own: professionals and peers gladly take you through the process step by step. Stop motion videos deliver stopping power and instantly get people inspired.

Serving is the new selling

Atelier Veritas is not a shop. It’s a warm, welcoming place. It’s a safe haven for creatives, looking for exclusive prints and a friendly face. Open all the drawers and dig in. Have a seat, have a coffee and have a talk about a project in progress: the advice you get is as valuable as the materials you buy. Modular furniture can be moved around to better suit the context. Not all shelves are used to display products; some are reserved for creations made by the Atelier community.

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