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Class and creativity make a great pair



Revitalising a shoe store for kids? Duval Branding’s a perfect fit. Benjamine has always been a household name in Mortsel and beyond, but when it reopened after two years, it needed some serious repairs. We were happy to help, creating a contemporary yet playful branding, not too bohemian, not too mundane. We believe class and creativity make a great pair. Curious for more? Walk with us.

Walking in footprints

In the briefing, we obviously took Benjamine’s heritage into account. Over the years, the shoe store became a true landmark in Mortsel’s main shopping street. So, it was clear we had to keep the name and the iconic red as one of the primary colours.

Taking it one step further

To express originality, we designed a customised font for the logo, in which every letter is composed of colourful shoelaces. The rounded shapes and vibrant colours inspired the interior decoration, adding eye-catching accents in the spacious store: the cheerful shelves and the bold, blue counter immediately draw attention.

What’s your size?

The horizontal logo wouldn’t work on every application. Therefore, we developed a vertical adaptation, freely hyphenating the wordmark, to fit particular media. This characterises the playful spirit of the brand.

The vibrant colours really bring the store to life!

A happy customer

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