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We put their money where their mouth is


Founded in 1926, the focus at VDK Spaarbank has always been on investing in what truly matters. Today, VDK – still independent and proud of it – sees a growing demand for a bank where familiar faces dispense honest advice; where clients’ needs count and not their income. In this era of self-banking apps, VDK likes to stay close to people, gladly welcoming them in their offices. So, we put their money where their mouth is, devising a rebranding that is equally refreshing as their vision.

We have been committed to sustainability long before it became a hashtag

Gent’s Samuel Gigot fights for the ball during a friendly soccer match between Belgian first league soccer team KAA Gent and French Ligue 1 team Nice, Thursday 13 July 2017 in Gent. BELGA PHOTO KURT DESPLENTER

Making people profit, for life

Some say ‘time is money’. Well, at VDK, they gladly take their time to explain to people what happens with their money, taking finances from Wall Street to Main Street. It’s not about high-frequency trading, but about investing in businesses and enterprises that truly contribute to a better society. VDK is in it for the long run, focussing on personal contact and continuity in service. People can rely on the bank’s expertise and support, at any time in their live.

VDK not only takes care of business, it is also committed to taking care of people. Focussed on individuals’ personal situation, they – at the same time – look at the broader context. Therefore, we designed an eye-catching graphical shape, symbolizing VDK’s ‘window to the world’.

VDK is open. To be clear: we are not referring to their office hours; we are talking about transparency and sincerity. This approach offers peace of mind, which is reflected in our visuals.

Next to ‘fair’ and ‘firm’, VDK should also be known for being ‘fun’. JOVO, VDK’s account for the young and (int-)restless, illustrates the versatility of our design, easily adapting to clients’ expectations on various levels.

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