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We voice your share.


Bridging past and present

With a legacy dating back to 1990, the name ‘deminor’ certainly rings a bell to many. People feared negotiating with the faces behind the brand, as they were known for being assertive advocates defending the voice of (minority) shareholders in conflicts. Bolstered by new talent, one of their subbrands, ‘deminor SGS’ (Shareholder & Governance Services), broadened its services. With no longer a mere focus on conflicts and governance, but also on finance, transactions and wealth – serving directors, investors and entrepreneurs next to shareholders. This switch required a new identity, but raised a crucial question: how to reposition without compromising on brand recognition?

The two arrows within the ‘X’ serve as graphic elements. The arrow pointing to the left stands for the problems that block your way forward, while the arrow pointing to the right represents the solutions surpassing those.

Strategic struggles and solutions

In our quest for the right rebranding, we bumped into a three main questions: What do clients genuinely know about deminor SGS? How strong is the connection between deminor and its business units, and should we thus retain ‘deminor’ in the (new) name? How can we communicate the services with crystal clarity? To address these questions, we first conducted in-depth interviews with clients so that they could voice their perspectives. Simultaneously, we engaged in discussions with all relevant parties to figure out the optimal brand architecture. Additionally, we sharpened the overlapping service offerings, ensuring that website visitors can effortlessly identify the service that best aligns best with their needs

After the thinking…

…comes the copywriting. Not to lose their brand recognition, we’ve decided to keep the name – only adding the idea of progress, new grounds and the next generation of partners. The tagline ‘We voice your share’ indicates their commitment to amplifying the voice of shareholders who have felt wronged or disadvantaged.

Raise the curtain

The upgraded identity and extended services needed to be showcased to both loyal and potential clients. Besides the essentials, such as a sales deck and business cards, we’ve developed a thoughtful media plan and accompanying applications – revealing the rebranding.

Picture-perfect people

Say goodbye to stock photos. Seriously, they’re so 2022. For genuine uniqueness, personality in photography is the way to go – pictures of the real faces who power your brand. That’s why we’ve organised a professional photoshoot with photographer Ine Dehandschutter that puts this human factor centre stage. And let’s face it, the employees are picture-perfect.

Website renaissance: from classic to cutting-edge

Think about it… If you land on a website of jurists, economists or financial analysts, this is exactly what you expect: the usual blend of businesslike blue and clean white – a somewhat aloof design, right? Of course (you know us by now), we wanted to depart from this expectation. Deminor NXT is not distant at all, but consists of approachable compagnons with a fresh perspective, ready to stand up for you no matter what. So, why not infuse that accessibility and modern angle into their website?

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