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“If you want followers, you have to become a leader.” Grava, formerly known as FairEtail, vitalizes and optimizes the digital performance of brands, companies and products. They analyse in depth, advice on various aspects, activate online and convert ‘en masse’ to generate more leads, more turnover and more business. To celebrate their 10-year anniversary – and in accordance to their renewed positioning – they treated themselves to a nifty rebranding.

Thank you, Google Translate.

Over the years, FairEtail evolved as a digital marketing company. Once we identified this altered personality and posture, we started the search for a new name. With ‘Grava’, Esperanto for relevant, we focus on their performance driven approach.

Welcome to the converting community.

“To us, digital comes natural. It is the way we see things and do things. But before we log on to our hardware to spark conversations and establish relations with your audience, we immerse ourselves into your story and your message. Because we believe understanding overpowers. You see, once we get it, we get it right, too. We develop tools and tactics that deliver results, pushing your business forward with both the energy of the new kid on the block and the punch of a solid enterprise.“

Raising the search bar.

As Grava is always looking for better ways to establish great results, we use the lower case ‘g’ as an elegant looking glass. The line indicates the input field of a search bar. We apply this graphic element to highlight titles, quotes and streamers. “Look at us!”

Versatile tools, valuable building blocks.

Grava is a marketing agency with an inherent innovative spirit. Therefore, we endowed them with a style of their own, developing a set of clear icons that bring structure and a playful graphic element that empowers the photography. These tools are consistent in quality and unique in appeal, underlining Grava’s leading status.

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