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Walk the walk, bark the bark

Today, several of our colleagues are treating their beloved pets to the joys and benefits of Imby kibble. But at first, the awareness on insect- or plant-based pet food was rather limited, even among us hipsters. The workshops and conversations with the Imby team revealed the huge potential (for business success) and added value (for the planet). However, switching from traditional meat meals to a CO2-low alternative would not immediately appeal to a wide audience, so in this start-up phase we focused on a young, informed and involved demographic. As awareness grows, the brand will too.

These values are the scent trail that keep the brand team on track.

Wag your tail as we tell you a tale

“How we treat the planet, starts with how we feed our family. Completely curled up like a Dachshund, that’s how circular we want to produce and distribute our pet food. To nourish our favourite furry family members, we are committed to take livestock out of the equation, cutting the massive methane emissions of meat consumption. Our various recipes, based on plants and insects, provide a tasty and nutritious alternative for common pet food. Moreover, we see that our guilt-free offer cures dogs’ allergies, too. With those sketchy ingredients out of the way, dogs can enjoy our exquisite aromatic preparation even more; we understand odour is crucial in their culinary experience. If a single butterfly can cause a storm at the other side of the globe, why couldn’t one wagging tail set off a revolution in pet food? Okay, we won’t make your dog catch frisbees, but together, we’ll make the planet a better place.”

We want people to understand and believe that “change starts in my backyard”. In. My. Back. Yard. Imby!

This brand story starts a bold style

“Insect protein, huh?” Total transparency is crucial in establishing trust. To communicate what people can expect from Imby, we choose for a thousand words instead of one picture. This typographic approach is loyally supported by Good Boy Sans, a custom typeface that links clear form to authentic charm. Spicing the copy with uncanny icons, we reward attentive readers with some visual treats that boost the message and express the brand’s personality.

This packaging puts purpose in the picture

There are plenty of brands that put an adorable dog or a cartoon pet centre stage. A valid choice, however, we aim to make Imby’s mission the eyecatcher in the (web)shop. Meaning over marketing, so to speak. The packaging is stripped down to its essence, evoking a sense of purity and sincerity. The bright colours – red for insect recipes and green for plant-based meals – bring positivity. The unique typography and icons add personality.

This webshop is 99.9% digital and 0.1% magic

Besides curing the climate of a nasty fever, Imby also would love selling quite a few products. So, the webshop is where ‘restoring the planet’ and ‘return on investment’ meet. Analysis of various ecommerce platforms showed us where we could implement our own ideas on technical and visual aspects without complicating the checkout flow. Subscriptions are key for recurrent business, so we have especially paid attention to features supporting a long-term commitment. The primary keyword of this webshop? Testing.

Who let these applications out? Who, who, who?

From posts to posters, the Imby brand stands out without selling out. Every single one of these applications – some actual examples, some still in development – conveys a genuine message and is founded on substance, not just a pretty picture.

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