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Montevideo Residence by DCA

From historic to iconic

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Location. Legacy. Luxury. With these 3 key words as a compass, real estate developer DCA set out on a daring adventure, establishing a multipurpose landmark building at the already iconic ’t Eilandje in Antwerp. As DCA does not walk away from a challenge, neither do we. Together, we entered the elite residential market with the monumental Montevideo project, entailing both demanding conservation and bold architecture. This rich heritage and the high ‘happy few’ factor build the brand.

From humming port to premium housing

With MAS and the Red Star Line Museum as its exponents, ’t Eilandje has become an iconic location in Antwerp. However, just 10 years ago, the neighbourhood was notorious rather than luxurious. And over 100 years ago, these docks formed the bustling port connecting Europe with the Americas.

The massive Montevideo warehouses, where the spices and beans from across the Atlantic Ocean were stored, have now been restored with the utmost care to accommodate co-working, retail and bars.

The characteristic roof was designed to improve the preservation of the precious goods and inspired the logo design. The high-end branding complements the new, exclusive residencies with landmark allure, crowning the late 19th century architecture in spectacular fashion. A destination for many. A home for some.

The emblematic roof is the foundation of the brand.

A true site to see

Montevideo Residence treasures the history of the place as well as the stories of the people. ’t Eilandje has long played a crucial commercial role for companies on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. For many thousands of travellers and adventurers, the port also offered a pathway to a new life, a promising future. Today, this thriving quarter still attracts lots of visitors. Some of them are lucky enough to trade the ‘sightseeing’ for a permanent panorama, acquiring one of the 16 exclusive units overlooking the Scheldt and surrounding waterfront. The website immerses its guests in both the urban lifestyle and the architectural experience.

From the scenic tour to an iconic home.
In the brochure, comprehensive content provides context for the striking renders.
Granting numerous passers-by a glimpse of illustrious living.

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