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The end-consumer as our starting point.



Research told us that rental tools especially appeal to the young generation that prefers ‘using’ over ‘owning’. However, in most countries people are still not familiar with the concept of rental tools. We created key personae, customer journeys and empathy maps to pinpoint the actual moments of truth. We also determined the barriers and drivers, allowing us to conceive the ideal rental point.
Via 3 major shifts.

Shift 1: from shop to service

In collaboration with DIY stores across Europe, we launched a service concept offering customers the choice: buy the tool (and store it somewhere for 20 years) or rent it for 2 days and save lots of money.

Customers are advised to purchase safety accessories and possibly rent compatible tools, facilitating the chore and improving the result. And when they return their tool(s), DIY stores get an extra chance to make another sale.

Shift 2: from product to people

In interacting with the end-consumers we focus on the added value that renting tools in a DIY store offers. It’s about convenience, premium quality and efficiency. With rental tools, work is easier and the result is better.

Shift 3: from provider to promoter

Now we know what drives the end-consumer, we still have to increase general awareness on rental tools in DIY stores. To achieve this, we created a quality label, that every DIY store and rental tool provider, meeting the demanding quality standards, can affiliate with: RentSetGo, “making sure that there is at least one thing people shouldn’t worry about: the right tools.” Eventually, this quality label will be applied all over Europe. Boels Rental is the first company to be affiliated with the new service concept / quality label.

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