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Good things come in trees

Mind. Blown. That is how we left our first meeting with Dirk Thys and his team. The things we learned there really changed our perception of today’s global challenges. We were more committed than ever to help O3 – we added the ‘SHIFT’ later – shape its story and share its mission with the public, professionals and partners. The goal? Zero CO2 emissions, and even less in the near future. An ambition we happily support with impactful positioning (1), branding (2) and applications (3).

The tagline We grow circular spaces is supported by ‘annual rings’, a dynamic graphic element conveying a long-term commitment.

Growing know-how for growing communities

How can we cut emissions and keep advancing? We need smart, circular solutions to align economic and environmental demands. O3 SHIFT has developed processes that do just that: by revolutionising the use and added value of wood in construction, they grow the demand for forests and as they grow more trees, they capture and store more CO2. These renewable buildings will provide new, affordable spaces for residential and commercial use in expanding cities worldwide.

The components of the letters convey the idea of circular building, potentially repurposing every part in new compositions.

We want to establish a shift in minds, actions and impact

Today, the production of cement and steel is causing 10% of global CO2 emissions – that is even more than aviation and shipping combined. So, it is clear climate change demands a shift in construction. From a local housing project to a widely shared belief, the concept of circular building should become common knowledge. It is the way forward and people should understand who is the leader of this progress. These shifts will enable the organisation to grow and flourish, as O3 SHIFT.

In construction, Norms and standards matter

As the pangram plainly illustrates, the TT Norms font fuses functionality with aesthetics. This dynamic go-getter is equipped for heavy-duty labour as well as more delicate assignments. Firm and refined. And most importantly, it makes any text ‘breathe’.

Tools for a rational and operational brand

An expressive colour palette conveys the human pioneering spirit, whereas the more earthy tones provide a reassuring foundation. Positive and professional were also our keywords in creating a range of icons. Clearly connected with the logotype and consistent in design, these brand elements are truly ownable and communicate O3 SHIFT’s attention to detail. In a secondary layer of layouts, we add vibrant annual rings (in white or grey), referring to the network’s heritage and, obviously, their main resource.

Branding reveal animation
Animated icons

Breathing space as a breeding ground

We have developed a hands-on grid system with various layouts to combine all brand elements in a creative, compelling and consistent manner, from composed compositions to dynamic designs. A crucial factor in these applications is breathing space, as we believe openness brings understanding and eventually growth.

O3 SHIFT LIER project brochure

Shooting interviews that share insights

With renowned artist Koen Vanmechelen as both our host and interviewee, we got exclusive access to the Labiomista arts centre and animal park as the unique setting for our Q&A. The interviews are part of the content plan we developed for the launch and long-term communication on social media. We were joined by – among others – Dirk Thys, co-founder and inspirer of O3 SHIFT, and Pablo van der Lugt, researcher and ambassador of biobased building. They talked about their analysis of the current situation, their particular know-how and their approach in answering the challenges ahead. The red thread? They all confirmed the importance of collaboration across disciplines.

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