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Reynaers Aluminium Belux lives up to its motto Together for Better every day. By focusing on strong partnerships, the Belgian family business has become the reference in innovative and sustainable aluminium applications.

But wait … Together for Better, you say? Sounds just right for a collaboration with Duval Branding! And so it happened: together with Reynaers Aluminium Belux, we embarked on a long-term adventure that resulted in successful rebranding with highly effective branding actions and tools. As the company’s creative agency, we also brought about a crucial shift in the brand personality.

Living in sustainable beauty

Ask the experts at Reynaers Aluminium: you can’t install any aluminium window, door or veranda without thorough preparatory work. Same goes for truthful brands that will need to stand the test of time. In order to create a brand that reflects who Reynaers Aluminium really is, we therefore first developed the brand story.

The tagline ‘living in sustainable beauty’ connects the sustainability with the aesthetics of Reynaers aluminium applications. This story was continued in new photography and a visual house style. To ensure consistent communication in the future, we also developed two comprehensive guidebooks with branding guidelines – a local and an international version.

Enhancing the logo for better readability

More than often, clients ask Reynaers Aluminium whether they work with material other than aluminium. In their minds, the company’s name is ‘Reynaers’ rather than the correct ‘Reynaers Aluminium’. To get this confusion out of the way, we moved the word mark ‘Reynaers Aluminium’ out of the logo’s box to make it more readable. Nevertheless, the ‘R’ is still recognisable as the ‘R’ of Reynaers Aluminium.

Opening up the frame

Reynaers Aluminium creates high-quality aluminium profiles for windows and doors that open up living and working spaces, resulting in a wider view. Transferring this idea to the graphical guidelines, we developed an ‘open frame’ that contains the headline and subheading as graphical elements.

The logo and graphic element’s line thickness are the same to create a nice balance.

Genuine photography that tells a story

People feel more connected with a brand if they can truly relate to it. That’s why we went for a human touch, showing genuine people in realistic environments. We organised photo shootings that resulted in warm and telling portraits. Combined with an inspirational quote, these images express what it means to live in sustainable beauty. The pictures have also been translated to a set of key visuals that offer space for additional text.

Inspire and show new possibilities 

Once customers make it into the Reynaers Aluminium showroom, there’s much to be discovered. To support this experience, we developed stylish POS material, with the Reynaers Magazine 2021 as the crowning glory: an extensive brochure providing a complete overview of all products and possibilities.

Overall, Reynaers Aluminium wants to keep inspiring people and make them dream. That is why we also developed an inspiration book: an eye-catching trip through beautiful images and striking quotes. So that, as a reader, you discover countless possibilities and can already see yourself living in sustainable beauty.

More visitors, more quotations

Moreover, we provided the scenarios and production for various radio spots. And because moving images sometimes speak even louder, our animation wizards created a series of inspiring videos. These highlight the products and services of Reynaers Aluminium Belux in a particularly dynamic, contemporary way.

Product logos ensure clarity and overview

Reynaers Aluminium offers various innovative, high quality aluminium products for a wide range of tailored applications. To ensure optimal overview and recognisability, we developed a specific logo for each Reynaers Aluminium product.

Mood of an explainer video about the product ElementFacade 7

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