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Making the name ring a bell in Belgium



As Deliveroo expands its services across major and mid-sized cities in Belgium, dynamic billboards and social media posts target the urban demographic of young families and active professionals, the group of people that happily welcome a savoury dish delivered to their door. At Duval Branding, we continued the work of Deliveroo’s global agency Pablo and adapted the assets to optimally fit the local market.

A tagline for the local tongue

A plain coffee without complimentary biscuits or treats? “We are not savages, are we?!” When it comes to drinks and food, Belgians are used to splendid service. Deliveroo really relates to their customers, however fussy they get: “we understand what food means to people.”

When a brand makes a claim like this, they have to get personal. So, adapting the UK tagline was first on our to-do list. For the Walloon region, we use the existing French slogan, seeing both communities are culturally tightly connected. However, implementing the Dutch tagline in the Flemish part of Belgium would not match the local tongue.

As everyone knows, we are quite humble people, but we are anything but modest when it comes to culinary delights. From ‘De Panne’ to ‘Bouillon’, our love for fine meals is always on a high heat.

From ‘out of home’ to your doorstep

Why cook your own food if there is Deliveroo with its varied menu of restaurants and snack joints? And why create your own branding campaign if there is Duval Branding with its delightful approach and expertise? In the wake of the ‘grand reopening’ of bars and restaurants, we hit the streets for the teal table treats provider, targeting the urban demographic with dynamic billboards. The “Your city is served” headline clearly communicates Deliveroo’s accessibility in the main Belgian agglomerations.

You ordered snackable content?

No time to cook? And no time to watch lengthy ads either? These crispy clips are just what people are looking for while scrolling on their phones. We selected some images from the UK campaign, added other videos to move away from the fast food focus and developed the zipper animation as a reference to the well-known backpacks, holding the precious cargo.

We made 60 videos, varying in message, images, size and length, catering to Deliveroo’s every need.

YouTube ad
Instagram Story
Instagram posts

The doorbell is music to our ears

Especially for those people tuning in to Spotify without a premium subscription, we developed an ‘à la carte’ radio ad. We interrupt their favourite playlist (sorry, not sorry!) with a hushing sound and the urging request to turn down the volume. Why, one wonders? Well, Deliveroo is on its way and you wouldn’t want to miss the doorbell, right? The sonic mnemonic – ding, ding, ding, dong – really sticks and maximises the impact of the message.

Spotify ad for the local Flemish audience
Spotify ad for the listeners in Wallonia
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