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Royal Victory H.C.

Going for Victory


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The success of our Belgian national hockey teams, both the men’s and the women’s, has given the sport an incredible boost. Nearly every hockey club in Belgium has seen their ranks swell considerably. Royal Victory Hockey Club in Edegem (Antwerp) is a club with a rich tradition and has been a haven for hockey enthusiasts since as long ago as 1919.

Today, the club is literally bursting out of its skin and with over 1,200 active members, it is easily one of the largest hockey clubs in the country. The return of Red Panthers captain Charlotte De Vos is the perfect illustration of the club’s current standing. To make for players and fans to identify with the club, Duval Branding developed a new visual system that not only evokes the club’s rich history but also lays the groundwork for its continued expansion.

A sports club is not your everyday client. Just as in the corporate world, a rebranding impacts the organisation as a whole, from the boardroom and the players to the fans and volunteers. We tried to integrate the roots of the club as much as possible into the new look & feel. This we supplemented with a strong guiding principle and the new slogan: ‘Live Hockey. Love Victory’.

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