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Stokers. A token of burning ambition


Stokers is a splendid place for coworking in Antwerp. For now. The aim is to become the reference for business networks in Belgium. An ambitious endeavour, but not at all surprising, seeing André Duval is the driving force behind this enterprise. We devised a distinctive identity, setting Stokers even more apart.

Rising from the ashes

Stokers is established in a former boiler room in the middle of a completely repurposed military hospital. The façade has been restored with the utmost respect to detail and its distinctive lines formed the base for the logo design. But we didn’t aspire to conceive a logo as such. As Stokers is setting the new standard in coworking, we wanted to create a token of burning ambition, a quality seal that embodies this ambition on any medium and in any aspect.

Honouring history

To give Stokers even more charisma, we crafted a bold typography and a set of icons combining past, present and future. The custom-made typeface also provides a wide range of functional icons for use in print, web and signage. In close collaboration with the architects of Anversa, we manufactured meticulously milled indications, sturdy yet refined, for meeting rooms, lockers, sanitary facilities… The heavy material – this raw steel is also used for the flooring of the mezzanine – is attached to the wall in such a way some free space remains in between, as if the signs are floating.

Welcoming members only

Stokers assembles a select group of entrepreneurs, truly operating in a league of their own. Needless to say this exclusive character is an essential element of the Stokers’ branding. For the website’s navigation we mimic the large blinds in the building’s interior, evoking a sense of seclusion. “Wonder what’s inside?”

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