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Making youngsters understand what the future can hold for them.



Some initiatives deserve all the support they can get. TAJO is undoubtedly one of those. This Talentatelier voor Jongeren (Talent Atelier for Youngsters) is a new initiative in Ghent with a clear purpose: to guarantee a successful educational pathway for youngsters between the age of 10 and 14, with special attention for those kids who need it the most.

Future talent

TAJO organizes experiential learning: a three-year cycle of 30 Saturdays per year. Experienced professionals from some fifteen disciplines (care, journalism, entrepreneurship, culture, …) give the youngsters a real-life view of what opportunities their trade offers. The idea: let the youngsters get information they need to make the right choices and let them feel the professionals’ passion to find the motivation to go for the choices they make.

Building on a solid basis

As TAJO is supported by some of Belgium’s most appreciated entrepreneurs and as it is based on examples in The Netherlands and Brussels, the basis for communication was already fairly solid. Still missing was an inspiring visual and verbal brand identity; an identity that could enthuse the necessary sponsors (the initiative does not receive any government subsidies), the local authorities as well as, of course, the youngsters that most need the provided support.

Welcoming communication

To make communication tools easy to use, we decided to keep things simple and approachable. The TAJO logo can be interpreted in multiple ways, with the O both as a heart and as a face, as well as pointing the way forward. Moreover, it also serves as a graphical element, enhancing the recognition of the TAJO brand. The Variable typeface has a welcoming, rounded feel that can speak to the different TAJO stakeholders. The red primary colour has an unmissable signaling function, supported by a limited range of lively secondary colours.

Imagery with the right focus

The imagery rightly focuses on the main actors in the TAJO project: the students. Youngsters of both sexes, of different social identities, from often disadvantaged neighbourhouds; but all proudly looking straight into the camera, future-oriented; or shown in action, during the TAJO sessions. Bright, colourful, positive images. Perfectly in line with the idea and the attitude of the TAJO initiative.

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