How do we support brands from digital performance marketing to day-to-day optimisation? Easy. In two simple steps, we enhance your company’s online marketing and advertising. First, we get to know the ins and outs of your brand:

  • We find out more about your raison d’être, brand personality and brand values through an onliness-exercise.
  • We define and shape your goal(s).
  • We examine your current online marketing situation by means of a keyword analysis. In addition, we determine the characteristics of your visitors and conversions.
  • We draw up a concrete plan of action and select the most suitable channels.
Secondly, we get started with digital performance and day-to-day optimisation:
  • We create advertisements and content.
  • We set up the campaign and go live. Meanwhile, we evaluate the results, analyse the success of the key words and adjust the ad groups and campaign where necessary.
  • We take care of the reporting. We build a clear customised dashboard giving you a complete overview of how the campaigns are performing and to what extent the objectives have been achieved.
  • Last but not least, we determine and create the necessary tools and templates to support your digital team in the daily follow-up of the campaign.

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