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Challenge MC

Not just a pretty typeface


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The perks of our outgoing spirit? You get to meet many interesting people. And as we love to attend events of all sorts, we were bound to bump into the Devillé family sooner or later. For over 10 years, they have been building a name for themselves as Challenge MC, hosting high-end receptions, conferences and fairs across the country. On one occasion, CEO Marie Catherine told us she felt the logo no longer supported their status of hospitality expert and, obviously, we shared this concern – the client’s always right, right?

Challenge MC stars personality

Girls sensually stroking a car or guys selling shirts without wearing any, that’s not the type of hosts Challenge MC is looking for. The photography zooms in on personality centred portraits, communicating this standout positioning to both prospects and candidates.

The #1 quality hospitality agency

The starry logo was a given. However, to represent Challenge MC’s expertise and dedication to superb service, it lacked authenticity and resolution. Framing it in a tender red square and gently lifting it from the ‘business blue’ background with a fine halo, we established a reliable quality seal.

Welcoming visitors online, we have chosen to directly address the 2 main target audiences: professionals and potential Challengers. This transparency swiftly leads people to the desired information.

“Nothing says ‘hello’ like a delicately designed halo!”

Thomas, designer

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