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Delightful design is the word

Food & Drink

Eldrid and Kevin Vindevogel’s sophisticated soft drink enriches the culinary experience with a masterly crafted sensation, so delicate to savour you forget you are not sipping alcohol. A toast to taste. How could we convey this experience to an audience that is – to say the least – not shy of choice when it comes to aperitifs? A bubbly brief as well as a great excuse to do some research in the local bars and restaurants. Note to management: look for ‘happy hour’ in the timesheets…

The wordmark beautifully reflects the drink’s artisanal character.

Making our mark on the menu

Let’s name this exquisite extract. A name that holds (some) meaning, but is not a mouthful. Something that sounds like it has been around for years, and yet still splashes from your lips every time you say it. Try it, with Herbird. A stirring mélange of “herb” and “bird”, where the first refers to the fine natural ingredients and the latter links to the creators’ last name, Vindevogel. Clear and simple, and even pleasing to the eye… Herbird is the word!

Drawing attention, by hand

We want the Herbird brand to spread its wings, creating a lively avatar as sprightly crafted as the wordmark. From the skies to print deliverables and digital channels, we implement a stylised organic look to communicate craftsmanship with a sense of heritage.

We use circular shapes in particular colours to communicate the ingredients in a bubbly manner.

Bottle the botanical

Obviously, the fresh ingredients heavily inspired our visual approach. We derived a colour palette from them, added a granular pattern similar to the texture of rhubarb (for a ‘sensational’ touch) and created flower shapes as framework for the labels – joyful and graceful.

As colourful as tasteful, as considerate as compelling… The Herbird bottle stands out on the shelf.

Subtle design in supple layouts

Refined compositions bring both consistency and an eye-catching dynamic. Selecting distinctive pictures is a powerful tool to convey the right culinary ambiance. Foody, but welcoming. Rich in contrast and details, adding substance to the scenes. Pictures, but no still images, so to speak. We also include highlights of botanicals to expand design options.

“Where other sodas call for big gulps, we master moderation – the focus is on delight rather than demand.”

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