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See the wood for the trees with Smithii, the hands-on co-pilot who transforms any company’s data into tangible KPIs and insights. With the right tools and processes, their team enables clients to grow more efficiently and ensures them a consistent, crystal clear overview of their figures. To provide them with insight into their own brand, we dived into a couple of workshops that resulted in a strong narrative, funky visual style and a distinctive name.

To prevent anyone from misreading ‘Smithii’, we repeat the name in a different font next to the nominator underneath the logo.

A name that resonates

What’s that, Sir David Attenborough? There is a mantis shrimp that has optimal polarised vision for super sight? Its name is Gonodactylus Smithii? What an exceptional creature with a wonderfully unique name… Finally, binging nature documentaries pays off.

Riding the waves

The wavelike movement found in the logo and the graphic element also refers to the mantis shrimp’s unique sight. The wavelengths provide a playful element which – combined with the cheerful colours – ensures that the brand stays miles away from an overly corporate look. We also subtly extend the element across the various applications. Have you spotted it yet?

Enlightening website visits

Thanks to effective automation and guidance of brain power, Smithii saves its customers countless hours of repetitive tasks. We have created a digital platform that is just as easy to manoeuvre as their partnerships. A scroll through their site is refreshing and encourages an initial exploratory chat, illuminating the path from curious visitor to customer.

A more minimalistic typo combined with a generous colour palette as well as the human-centered photography creates a brand that is playful and accessible while still fitting in with a professional setting.
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