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Deloitte has been with us since day 1 and still we don’t completely understand what it is they do (stuck-out-tongue-winking-eye emoticon). Nonetheless, we have developed numerous employer-branding campaigns to recruit the brightest minds at Belgium’s top universities. At Deloitte, their careers are off to a flying start, especially since the company’s HQ has moved to new offices at Brussels Airport. On a corporate level too, we happily share our thoughts and designs.

Unboxing some fresh ideas

The totally refurbished Gateway building, next to Brussels Airport’s departure hall, now welcomes over 2,000 Deloitte employees every day. The massive move offered a great opportunity to intensify existing programs and implement new initiatives to improve people’s comfort and well-being. How can we fuel minds, not cars? How much gin does it take to mix business with pleasure? How to crunch numbers and crunch abs at the same time? Finding answers is what we do.

A brief round-up

The Deloitte corporate identity was implemented internationally in 2015 and is characterized by a central, rounded image. We put it to good use.

Taking the stage and making ourselves heard

The partnership with Rock Werchter was a unique opportunity to reach out to a large audience and focus on Deloitte’s qualities as an employer, stimulating people to develop, both in their professional and personal lives. We welcomed employees and (potential) applicants in the uplifting environment of the ‘Amplified’ booth, offering a unique perspective on the main stage and the festival crowd. Together, they shared an extraordinary experience and this positive energy still resonates throughout the entire Deloitte community.

“Knock-knock-knockin’ on Deloitte’s door!”

Cheeky applicant at Werchter Classic 2017, headlining Guns ‘n Roses
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