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Spéciale Belge

Making DIY and ROI meet

Food & Drink

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Working here at PAKT is a treat for the senses: juicy tomatoes on the roof, freshly roasted coffee on demand and extra pounds on the scale. Furthermore, it provides great professional opportunities too. While our downstairs neighbours were shaping their taproom, we offered to build their brand in the same no-nonsense and ‘can do’ spirit, making DIY and ROI meet.
Today, we raise our glass to big, bold dreams.

A flexible framework to freely explore and express*

Davy, Kobe, Bavo and Uwe, the quality-conscious quartet of Spéciale Belge, serve various craft beers, locally brewed in limited amounts. Sure, you can have a Duvel here if you like, but in this taproom people usually prefer to explore the wide variety of flavours, passionately developed by DIY-brewers all over the country.

* Repeat 10 times after a pale-ale or two

That DIY-spirit is tangible at Spéciale Belge too, where the 4 founders constructed everything themselves (apart from the steel-frame mezzanine). Obviously, we took this into account and designed a custom typeface that can be applied in duct tape to communicate and decorate in a way Davy and his friends see fit. No strict guidelines, but a flexible framework to freely explore and express.

Spéciale Belge is about good beer and good company. It’s as clear as that.
So, the tone of voice should be, no pun intended, sober too.

Besides over 10 beers on tap and 50 bottled beers, changing every week, Spéciale Belge welcomes you with expert advice and a friendly chat. Yes, this place is hip and happening, but without the posing and pretending. So, don’t expect heart−shaped figures in the foam of your beer…

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