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The start-up with a head start

A joint venture between Umicore and Volkswagen’s battery maker PowerCo


“Where we’re going, we need great branding!”

Powerful partners in progress

Battery Gigafactory PowerCo supplies crucial components for Volkswagen’s electric vehicles. Umicore provides the precious raw materials for the production of these batteries. In the near future, more and more plug-ins will be whizzing on our roads, so these two ambitious enterprises decided to join forces in a win-win partnership. Duval Branding called “shotgun” to ride along, shaping the identity of this new entity.

IONWAY is fully committed to the successful synergy between proven technology and sustainable mobility.

From a higher purpose to the highway

The first part of the name IONWAY refers to the raw battery material. The second part refers to the company’s end goal: thanks to high-performance lithium-ion batteries, we will be travelling with significantly lower CO2 emissions. IONWAY sounds both familiar and innovative at the same time. This balance between a solid company and a dynamic start-up is of great importance in communicating with various stakeholders, from financial reports to energising employer branding.

What a joy to put the Purple Haze font to work in varied applications, ranging from remarkable yet readable titles to ornamental animations.

Graphic generates traffic

We have developed primary elements as metaphors for IONWAY’s activities. We use them to energise layouts and visuals, not as literal messages. As the brand evolves, a few more figures can be added.

BUILD We build efficient solutions to boost progress.

JOIN We join hands to reach ambitious targets.

EXCEL We lead and excel in our field of expertise.

Ion icons for wayfinding (and more)

We use functional icons to clarify our messaging. These icons are as dynamic as our typeface, varying from Semilight to Bold. To guarantee optimal visibility for signage, we only use the Regular stroke. In animations, the vigorous energy of the graphic particles – always connected to each other – takes centre stage.

High-tech harmony

In imagery, sunlight and lighting play an important role adding warmth and radiating energy. With the focus on long-term impact, the contextual visuals depict vast landscapes where winding roads smoothly follow the contours of the topography. This way, photography reveals how agile technology births a new balance with nature.

A bright future needs vivid colours that put the ‘party’ in particles.

From business deal to dynamic brand

As the exclusive supplier for Volkswagen’s electric vehicles, IONWAY will have a significant impact on the industry and society in general. Uniting valuable resources and technical expertise, ensured by Umicore and PowerCo, they deliver a powerful product. As a brand, we want them to convey a self-assured and positive personality, driven by solid skills and clear ambitions. Across all touchpoints, IONWAY builds a fresh and forward-looking image.

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