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Wereldhave Belgium

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Real Estate

Yes, the joy is in a job well done

Wereldhave Belgium is a real estate company with a focus on commercial property, i.e., shopping centres and offices. To market two existing, but fully renovated company campuses in Vilvoorde and Antwerp, they looked for a positioning that would honour their heritage and appeal to the right audience. We took up the task together, ‘workshopping’ our way to a delightful branding, inspired by Wereldhave Belgium’s unique experience and clear-headed approach.

A wise man once said…

With a name as fresh as the minty herb, The Sage immediately sets the tone. The Sage provides peaceful, sound and inspiring offices where professionals can meet and focus without the fuss of an office dog or other trendy distractions some companies or trying to win the war for talent with. The Sage welcomes people in a comfortable yet functional workplace, where amenities actually serve a purpose. Grant your mind a break from impulses and pop-ups. Let’s get things done: ambition, performance and results are not taboo at The Sage.

A logo that makes headlines

Whether entrepreneurs are establishing a start-up, SME or HQ: The Sage has got everything it takes to make businesses thrive. Everything but a distinctive visual identity, that is. Our design provides Wereldhave Belgium with a set of elegant yet alluring elements to become top of mind in the “office for rent” category.

The colour scheme matches the offices’ interior and creates the right
atmosphere: blue radiates reassurance, green is naturally peaceful and
yellow sparks energy.

Facing the same direction

The graphic element we have created, entitled ‘Heads in Harmony’, symbolises the “making minds meet and perform” philosophy of The Sage. Why the triumvirate, you ask? To portray the three different stakeholders: employers, employees and Wereldhave Belgium. The heads look to the right, towards a bright and fruitful future. They stand as a testimony to The Sage’s experience and expertise, uniting companies and their teams in an empowering synergy.

Eat good, feel good

Wereldhave Belgium knows all too well that a healthy work-life balance is the cornerstone of people’s productivity. Therefore, serving fresh and delicious lunch, snacks and coffee on site is part of The Sage’s mission. Both The Sage Vilvoorde and Antwerp accommodate a restaurant and takeaway service, for which we have developed various applications. Quotes for the toilet stalls, window stickers, gadgets, signage and an inviting brochure: we know what it takes to make it work.

As digital as dynamic

The clear and crisp animations on the outside displays make heads turn, communicating various messages to inform and activate visitors as well as passers-by. From the dish of the day to afterwork seminars, we know what it takes to make people fight for a seat.

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